Some features of UV wáter based Wood coatings:

- application by spray, vakumat, curtain

- excellent for top coats gloss nd deep matt

- extremly high scratch resistance

- easy to apply

- outdoor resistance for windows

- parquet in house application

- adhesión primer for UV parquet solvent free

- clear and full pigmented

- cationic tannin blocker possible

Water based UV curing Wood coatings

UV curing wáter based coatings:

In my opinión, UV curing wáter based coatings are today the best finishing system for industrial applied wood coatings. They can be formulated for all kind of end uses, clear and full pigmented, kitchen furnitures, living furnitures, Windows and doors etc..

Water based UV Floor coating:


Traditional floor coatings require several days to fully cure. In this 24h economy high traffic areas, like retail shops, airports, warehouses and more are in use continuously. Limited time is available for floor maintenance and closing the entire facility is costly.

The fast curing UV technology allows floor owners to quickly refurbish their wood, resilient, concrete or PU floor. UV coatings contain limited or zero VOC and have excellent properties when it comes to durability, scratch and chemical resistance.

After application and physical drying, the film can be stepped and fully cured with the UV machine.


The total finish time is only a few hours.


The curing equipment, UV lamps, are the same as for UV solvent free coatings.

An application cicle for furniture etc. can be as following:

1. application by spray or curtain coter

2. wáter evaporation in vertical dryinng túnel, approx. 40 ºC

3. curing with high pressure mercury / galium UV lamps

4. stacking

total time of cicle, 30 - 50 min.

Theo Schmid
Global Wood Coating Consulting