Because the high content of Styrene, unsaturated Polyester are not allowed in north of Europe and will be totally forbidden in the next years.

High solid Wood Coatings

Unsaturated Polyester lacquers are applied as two component system. The curing will be done by peroxyde catalist and cobalt acelerator.

Unsaturated Polyester, parafin drying or direct gloss drying, are used in the piano industry for thick layer system.

Paint System:

 - UV curing systems with 80% solids

 - Unsaturated Polyester, 80% solids

This paint systems with aprox. 20% of organic solvents (VOC), will still fulfill today the European laws for VOC emission, Directive 2004/42/CE.

Unsaturated polyester, low VOC content, aprox. 200 g/Lt, are used as high build sanding sealer (polyacrylico, polyesterino) for high gloss furniture.

UV túnel for drying of UV high solid solvent based

UV curing high solid coating solvent based, are styrene free and therfore more ecology friendly. Also they are used as sanding sealer under high gloss  or matt top coats for high build.

The VOC emission is similar to the unsaturated polyester high solids.

They need UV lamps dotaded with mercuro for clear or with galium for pigmented systems.

High gloss furniture

Theo Schmid
Global Wood Coating Consulting