Wood stains, solvent based and wáter based

Solvent based Wood stains:

Even the first Wood stains were wáter based, in the last years were solvent based.

Today more and more are replaced by wáter based stains. Water soluble dye stuff, coming from the textile industry, are used.

In northern countries, Scandinavian, Germany, almost all stains used in the furniture industry, are wáter based. In Spain, still today, solvent based Wood stains are the most used.

Also oil stains.

Solvent solubles dye stuff

Water soluble dye stuff

Oil based wood stain

Pigment preparations, semitransparent, for wáter or for solvent based binder systems.

Acidic metal complexe dyes wáter soluble

Acidic metal complexe dyes solvent soluble

Oil and fat soluble dyes

For exterior application, with high light fastness, transparent iron oxyde pigments are used.

interior color card

exterior color card

Interior color card different wood

Light fastness of soluble dye stuffs, solvent based or wáter based, are limited for interior application.

exterior color card different wood


Stain applied by Autoclave:

For total coloured veneer, the stain must be applied by Autoclave.

Theo Schmid
Global Wood Coating Consulting