Water based Wood coatings for exterior application

Exterior wood coatings:

The biggest application market for wáter based Wood Coating are exterior coatings.

World wide 1-K acrylic wáter based Wood Coating are applied for all exterior wooden components:


        - Doors

        - Windows

- Panels (houses)

- Decks

- Pergolas

- Fences

- Balconery

- Garden furniture

- Joynery

- Blue Stain protection

- Tannin, Stain blocker

- etc.

For all this exterior objects, mainly 1-K Acrylic and Alkyd binder water based systems are used. 1-K Acrylic binder have flexibility and permeability, very important for a good whatherability against rain, humidity and sun shine.

For soft wood and direct exposed Wood, will be necesary, as first coat, an impregnation with fungicides, biocides and blue stain protection.

The impregnation should have a deep penetration into the substrate.

Exposed balconery

Exposed balconery


Blue Stain

The Paint systems can be full pigmented or transparent, coloured with transparent iron oxyde pigments.




Garden furniture

Houses, Panels





Tannin Stain Blocking Performance

Most wood species contain water soluble tannic

acid, which can bleed through the primer and into the

topcoat, leaving a brownish undertone, referred to

as tannin stain.


For solid Wood bars used for exterior joinery, stains and impregnations with fungizides, biocides etc. are applied under high temperatura high pressure / vakuum.

The bars are introduced into an autoclave during time / hours and have therfore a deep penetration into the Wood.

As deeper the penetration, better the weather resistance and durability

No Tannin blocker

With Tannin blocker

Theo Schmid
Global Wood Coating Consulting