Pigmentconcentrates, solvent based and wáter based


Organic and inorganic pigments are used. The selection depends on the end use of pigmentconcentrates, automobil paints needs high light fastness, for Wood coating pigments with less light fastness can be used.

Following pigments can be used:

- Yellow reddish

- Yellow greenish

- Iron Oxyde Yellow

- Sicopalyellow L 1100Y, substitute of Chrome Yellow


- Sico Fast Red L 3855, substitute of Molybdat Orange


- Yellowish Red pigment

- Blueish Red pigment

- Iron Oxyde Red

- Violet

- Phtalocyanine Blue

- Phtalocyanine Green

- Titandioxyd Rutile type

- Carbon Black, blueish for full tone

- Carbon Black, for tinting

Theo Schmid
Global Wood Coating Consulting