- UV / EBC curing, with 100% solids

Sincé there introduction in 1967, UV curing Wood coating had a strong growing.

The first UV systems wher based on un saturated polyester styrene and the end use was only for clear UV curing sealer by roller or curtain coater application and for putty for particle board.

End of the 70th the systems where based on unsaturated acrylic resins and acrylic monomers.

Today nearly all wooden furniture parts and other substrates, can be applied by UV curing coatings, open pore, closed pore, glossy or matt, clear or full pigmented.

Even the properties of the cured film of UV curing coatings are excellent, the main reason of there use is the extremadely fast curing.

Originaly the UV systems where developped for Wood coating, today beside Wood coatings are a lot of different end uses like automotive, plastic etc.

Solvent free Wood Coatings

Paint systems:

A big end use market for UV curing Wood coating, is the industrial finishing of parquet floor. The finishing is done on coating lines by roller coaters and cured by UV lamps.

Industrial Parquet finished with UV coating

UV Parquet line in China

UV oven

Theo Schmid
Global Wood Coating Consulting