Solvent based Wood Coatings

Today the main used wood coating paint systems, specialy for industrial furnitures, are still solvent based.

Which Paint system is used by country depends on there design of furnitures and legislation, ie.g in Germany still 50% of NC lacquers and in Scandinavia 60% of AC systems are used.

- Nitrocelulose lacquer

- Thermoplastic Acrylic

- Acid Catalyzed

- 2-K Polyurethane lacquer

- 1-K Polyurethane lacquer

- UV curing solvent based

- Alkyd paint oxydative drying

All this paint systems have a high VOC content, specially during application

Worker spraying NC lacquer with high VOC, he has to ware  masc

Do to the European laws for VOC:

Deco-Paint-Directive 2004/42/EC 

Maximum VOC content limit values for paints and varnishes

        - Phase I  (from 1.1.2007)

        - Phase II (from 1.1.2010)

for all Architectural Building Coatings that are applied on site.

Also industrial coating of building parts, trims, Wood coating and claddings are included.

The tendency of this solvent based wood coating sytems, is to desapear in the next 5*x to 10*y years,


They will be replaced step by step by low VOC or VOC free Wood coatings.

Theo Schmid
Global Wood Coating Consulting